Final analysis/Due diligence


Kjeller Vindteknikk provides due diligence assessments of wind projects on behalf of developers, banks and private equity institutions. Due to our long experience and expertise in the assessment of wind projects in Norway and Sweden, we are well recognized by banks and financers investing in Scandinavia. Due diligences can be conducted at all stages of the development of a wind power project, when an independent assessment of the project is needed. When conducted at the final development stage preceding construction, a due diligence is composed of the following main steps:


  • Analysis of the measurements/filtering of erroneous data.
  • Long-term correction of the measurements.
  • Vertical extrapolation/wind shear analysis.
  • Horizontal extrapolation/production of a wind resource map over the wind farm area.
  • Analysis of the turbulence conditions.
  • Estimation of the expected production losses, including wake and icing losses.
  • Estimation of the long-term annual energy production of the wind farm.
  • Assessment of the uncertainty in the production estimate.


The results are presented in a report subject to a comprehensive quality control according to our quality assessment system. The report may be written in Norwegian, Swedish or English, and can be completed with an oral presentation of the results to the involved parties.


For more information please contact :


Lars Tallhaug   +47 95134839