A CLC-report (Continuous Long-term Correction) is produced on a monthly basis and presents estimates of the long-term wind conditions at a site during the course of the measurement campaign. The measurements can be made by an anemometer on a mast, or by a remote sensing device. The measured time series is first filtered for erroneous data and then compared to the local wind climate derived from the WRF model. A long-term correction method is then applied to the measured and the WRF time series that classifies all concurrent data points by their wind direction. Site and model data are hence compared sector-wise to find the long-term corrected wind speed for each sector. The method is very robust and noise insensitive which gives reliable long-term wind conditions, even for relatively short measurement time series. While the long-term estimate can fluctuate greatly during the first months of the measurement campaign, it tunes in after a certain time and stabilizes to its real value.





The figure shows an LNK example with monthly resolution. The long-term wind speed is calculated at the measurement height (100m a.g.l.) and then extrapolated to 105 and 120m a.g.l. The numbers beneath each point represent the percentage of the month which is covered by valid measurements.



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