• 2016 News Archive
    • Reduce uncertainty in long term corrections with KVT Meso

      Posted on: 18.12.2016
    • Three presentations at WindEurope Summit in Hamburg

      Posted on: 22.09.2016

      Kjeller Vindteknikk gives three presentations at WindEurope Summit in Hamburg the 27th – 29th of September in 2016.

    • Kjeller Vindteknikk awarded large contract for E39

      Posted on: 01.06.2016

      Statens Vegvesen chose Kjeller Vindteknikk to measure the wind climate at the fjords Sulafjorden and Vartdalsfjorden in Møre og Romsdal.

    • Decommissioning of met mast documented by Norwegian national broadcaster

      Posted on: 31.03.2016

      Kjeller Vindteknikk’s work on decommissioning a met mast at Husafjellet was documented by the Norwegian national broadcaster

    • Kjeller Vindteknikk achieves highest icing forecast score

      Posted on: 29.03.2016

      A comparison between six different icing forecasts conducted by Vattenfall in Sweden for the wind farm Stor-Rotliden shows that Kjeller Vindteknikk’s icing forecast archives the highest score of the six. 

    • Vaasa Wind Exchange 2016

      Posted on: 11.03.2016
    • Kjeller Vindteknikk monitors the power grid

      Posted on: 02.03.2016
    • Wind year 2015 - high mean wind speed for Scandinavia

      Posted on: 23.02.2016
    • Kjeller Vindteknikk at Winterwind 2016

      Posted on: 09.02.2016
    • IceRisk, State-of-the-art article about ice shedding

      Posted on: 06.01.2016